The 30, the 20, he won’t stop, now the 10…touchdown!!! Yes, our team is in the lead. Football is intense.

For instance, we are in the last few seconds of the game. Our team is at the goal line attempting to score. It’s win or lose based on this last play of the game. Put yourself in the running back’s shoes. Who wants to be hit by a 300 pound linebacker? The ball is about to be snapped. Our hearts are pumping out of our chest. There are intense fans to the left and the right screaming at the top of their lungs. The ball is about to be snapped. The sounds are adding to the mounting pressure filling our heads as we think about our role in the last play. Finally, the ball is snapped and we put our entire body, and mind into the play as pads crash against pads. Whoever has the bigger thrust of momentum wins the battle of the play at hand…and ultimately the game.
Football can be alot more intense than yhou think. Some people find that out the hard way.

New Mexico

I love going to New Mexico because it always snows whenever I’m there so we always go skiing and snowboarding. But that’s not all of what i like about it, I like that our cabin is in a small part of it were everyone knows each other and theirs cool stores to buy lots of stuff. I love sitting by the fire and drinking hot coca on the floor while watching movies. I love that we go sledding and have snowball fights. But the coolest thing is we can see bears out of the windows and some even come up on our porch. It may take long to get there but it is so worth it, because it is so beautiful.




Tubing is a blast I always go in the summer with Chase, Jones, Michael and Spencer. Chase’s dad always go’s full speed and tries to flip us off. When we go double tubing we try to jump from tube to tube while the boats going super fast and swerving, along with the giant waves created from other boats don’t help so much when they fling us 10 ft in the air. I always get headaches after we tube, but who cares we had a blast! I think I’ll do it again next summer!