Six Flags

Whenever I go to six flags I get a feeling in my stomach that twists it up until I can’t take it anymore. I try not to think about it but the roller coasters are in my face and story’s high. When I went in the winter the cold wouldn’t help this feeling either, it made it worse by giving me goosebumps. The roaring sounds of the roller coasters, get-me-out-of-here. It’s too late I’m in line I say “I’m bailing” my group says “NO!” Oh gosh, I get in the seat I’m screaming “I don’t want to die”. WOOOOOOOSH the ride is starting it’s going so fast I can’t even breath or move! Up-down-spin-looptyloop-big drop. Then when the ride stops and I scream “That was amazing lets do that again!”…. Time for our next roller coaster.


One thought on “Six Flags”

  1. I love to watch your face while you wait in the lines!! Aren’t you glad we always make you go?

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