Reflection: 7th Grade

When I first arrived in august I expected to have great classes and I soon realized I was right. By October,my life got easier , and I eventually figured out that school wasn’t that hard. In 7th grade, I learned that as long as you do your work you will be fine. I also learned a lot about my subjects and it wasn’t hard at all.

But as the year comes to a close, I can’t wait for Summer! If I had to do It all over again, I would do the same thing. My advice to next years7th graders: do your work!

18 and 1/2 school days left!

YES school is almost most over and I am so ready for summer! I can’t wait to go boating, tubing, dirt biking anything you name it this summer will be awesome. We’ll probably go to Port Aransas or Galveston and go fishing or surfing. Stay in a nice hotel because you know what it’s summer, no homework, no going to bed early,just having complete fun for 3 months.

Sleeping in and then getting up to go boating. I get to spend time with my family, like go to the movies or even just hanging out out my house. During summer there is no one to give you homework or boss you around for 8 hours. I love summer!

After summer though will stink because we will have to go back and do it again for another year but that’s why I’m going to make the best out of this summer!

My favorite poem

By: Edward Lear
There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, ‘It is just as I feared!
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard!’

There was an Old Person of Ischia,
Whose conduct grew friskier and friskier;
He dance hornpipes and jigs,
And ate thousands of figs,
That lively Old Person of Ischia.

There was an Old Man in a boat,
Who said, ‘I’m afloat, I’m afloat!’
When they said, ‘No! you ain’t!’
He was ready to faint,
That unhappy Old Man in a boat.

There was a Young Lady of Hull,
Who was chased by a virulent bull;
But she seized on a spade,
And called out, ‘Who’s afraid?’
Which distracted that virulent bull.

There was an Old Person of Ems,
Who casually fell in the Thames;
And when he was found
They said he was drowned,
That unlucky Old Person of Ems.

There was an Old Man who said, ‘Hush!
I perceive a young bird in this bush!’
When they said, ‘Is it small?’
He replied, ‘Not at all!
It is four times as big as the bush!’

There was a Young Lady of Russia,
Who screamed so that no one could hush her;
Her screams were extreme,
No one heard such a scream,
As was screamed by that lady of Russia.

There was an Old Person of Ewell,
Who chiefly subsisted on gruel;
But to make it more nice
He inserted some mice,
Which refreshed that Old Person of Ewell.

There was an old man in a tree,
Whose whiskers were lovely to see;
But the birds of the air,
Pluck’d them perfectly bare,
To make themselves nests on that tree.


Media and a Memory

My toy soldiers were the best. They would follow orders and attack the enemies. My toy soldiers could parachute off my play scape, and drive tanks! Some of them would betray us but we don’t go down without a fight. When I was little without my toy soldiers would be like you without your favorite toy. Even though most of them died in battle they will still be in my heart because they were my favorite toys. There is not much else I could tell you because the missions were kept in secret files. But I can tell you that they were my favorite toys.


My Favorite Mistake

Why did I leave the kitchen? Over easy eggs sounded great until I heard the BEEP BEEP of the fire alarm. I run out to see the stove bursting in flames! Overeasy eggs was my favorite mistake.
The moment I saw the blaze I was shocked – I didn’t think this would happen. Panic coursed through my body as the flames rose higher. The smoke filled the air as the flames engulfed the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks “What should I do!?” Why is this happening to me? Before I knew it my parents were in the kitchen. My mom grabbed the box of baking soda, pouring it on the fire and extinguishing the flames.
I’m glad I left the kitchen because it taught me such an important lessons. In the end I learned to pay more attention – especially when I’m cooking.


The 30, the 20, he won’t stop, now the 10…touchdown!!! Yes, our team is in the lead. Football is intense.

For instance, we are in the last few seconds of the game. Our team is at the goal line attempting to score. It’s win or lose based on this last play of the game. Put yourself in the running back’s shoes. Who wants to be hit by a 300 pound linebacker? The ball is about to be snapped. Our hearts are pumping out of our chest. There are intense fans to the left and the right screaming at the top of their lungs. The ball is about to be snapped. The sounds are adding to the mounting pressure filling our heads as we think about our role in the last play. Finally, the ball is snapped and we put our entire body, and mind into the play as pads crash against pads. Whoever has the bigger thrust of momentum wins the battle of the play at hand…and ultimately the game.
Football can be alot more intense than yhou think. Some people find that out the hard way.

New Mexico

I love going to New Mexico because it always snows whenever I’m there so we always go skiing and snowboarding. But that’s not all of what i like about it, I like that our cabin is in a small part of it were everyone knows each other and theirs cool stores to buy lots of stuff. I love sitting by the fire and drinking hot coca on the floor while watching movies. I love that we go sledding and have snowball fights. But the coolest thing is we can see bears out of the windows and some even come up on our porch. It may take long to get there but it is so worth it, because it is so beautiful.




Tubing is a blast I always go in the summer with Chase, Jones, Michael and Spencer. Chase’s dad always go’s full speed and tries to flip us off. When we go double tubing we try to jump from tube to tube while the boats going super fast and swerving, along with the giant waves created from other boats don’t help so much when they fling us 10 ft in the air. I always get headaches after we tube, but who cares we had a blast! I think I’ll do it again next summer!

Six Flags

Whenever I go to six flags I get a feeling in my stomach that twists it up until I can’t take it anymore. I try not to think about it but the roller coasters are in my face and story’s high. When I went in the winter the cold wouldn’t help this feeling either, it made it worse by giving me goosebumps. The roaring sounds of the roller coasters, get-me-out-of-here. It’s too late I’m in line I say “I’m bailing” my group says “NO!” Oh gosh, I get in the seat I’m screaming “I don’t want to die”. WOOOOOOOSH the ride is starting it’s going so fast I can’t even breath or move! Up-down-spin-looptyloop-big drop. Then when the ride stops and I scream “That was amazing lets do that again!”…. Time for our next roller coaster.


Found poem (Hunger Games)

I take a deep breath
Grip the knife handle and bear down as hard as I can
Back forth back forth
The tracker jackers begin to buzz
Back forth back forth
A stabbing pain shoots through my knee
Back forth back forth
Just as the knife cuts through I shove the end of the branch as far as away from me as I can
The nest burst open like an egg and a furious swarm of tracker jackers takes to the air
I feel a second sting on the cheek a third on my neck and their venom almost immediately makes me woozy
The Careers have woken up to a full scale tracker jacker attack

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